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Hi. My name is Kelly Handerhan and I am the founder and president of CyberTrain.IT.

I began my career as an instructor in the late 1990s.  From the very first class I taught, I knew training would be my life-long passion.  I love the challenge of helping others understand technology and related concepts, while also having fun in the classroom.  I’ve attended classes that were led through Death-by-PowerPoint, or those in which the instructors were so brilliant, they couldn’t explain the ideas in a way where mere mortals could understand them.  My primary goal is to make information technology interesting and accessible to everyone.  This philosophy is what motivated me to establish CyberTrain.IT.

I bring more than 20 years’ experience in information technology, information security, and technical project management to the classroom and match it with innovative learning strategies geared towards comprehension. I believe that even the most complicated material can be mastered when we look for similarities with things that we already understand.  And I also believe that for anyone seeking IT certification, understanding and comprehension must come first.  However, I also understand that for many students the ultimate goal is certification–often for career advancement.  So, the next element, is to frame the comprehension in such a way that it meets the vendor certification requirements (Translation:  it’s one thing to understand the material, but its another thing to be able to pass an exam.)  I can help here too.  I personally maintain certification from multiple vendors across many different frameworks.  Over the years, I’ve learned numerous techniques to help students understand how to approach the certification process, as well as how to give themselves the best chance of being successful on the exams themselves.

Learning new technology and passing certification exams are not easy for most people.  I’m here to help.   I design my own course material focused on comprehension of the technology, and I gear my instruction towards exam preparation.  Finally, I provide my students with support and encouragement every step of the way. I am always accessible before, during and after the course is complete, to offer suggestions and respond to additional questions.  To further assist students, Classes are available in an on-demand video format for review, and we offer students a free re-sit whenever needed.

At CyberTrain.IT, customer satisfaction is our primary objective.  I will do all that is within my power to provide a positive learning experience, which brings each student closer to their goals of deeper understanding of technology and related concepts.  In doing so, I believe CyberTrain.IT has found a way to make…

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“Thank you for the great video series and knowledge on this cert, looking forward to more of your video series.”


“She has a witty and to-the-point way of handling lectures that I really appreciate. It’s great to have her around here”


“Kelly is great. I tried other resources, but these video really aided on my journey as an CASP. Use the videos as you read your study material. It keeps you well focused.”


“She is one of the most patient professor’s I have ever met. She is patient and thorough.she explains the concepts in an easy clear way that everyone will understand. Thanks Kelly!”


“Kelly Handerhan is the BEST. Thanks in good part to her CISSP lectures, I made easy and fast work of the CISSP (I really wish I could have seen my actual score), and to a lesser extent, the CISA right after that. I’m about 70% through her CASP lectures and getting ready to schedule my sitting. Knowing the quality and care Kelly puts into her content, I feel very confident."